The fabric

• Exotic, colorful, beautiful, unique and mysterious are some of the words used to describe this beautiful fabrics all over the world, the fabrics and clothing made using such fabrics are used to differentiate whomever is wearing them telling the rest the place where it is from, if it is a married or single member, social status within the community amongst other things.

• The mayans found in the weaving of their clothing not only a way to preserve their culture and their vision of the world, but a way to introduce it to the post colonial era without it being destroyed like the rest of their cultural aspects, and found a way to preserve it through the passing of the centuries. Now you can be part of the mystery hidden inside each hand woven mayan fabric, taking the mayan colors, what they symbolize and a small sample of their mysterious culture with you…

• Our fabric designs are 100% handmade using ancient techniques that have been passed generation to generation by the mayan and its modern day descendants.

• Ancient techniques… modern protection… mayan case

The Company

• Mayan case is a Guatemala based company that specializes in tech accessories manufactured with mayan fabric details and the highest quality standards.

• We manufacture our products using the highest industry standards, designs and applications but combine them with beautiful fabrics giving you functionality, protection, and a incredible colorful design, that has been developed by generations of mayan descendants.

• Having said that we invite you to indulge in the colors, textures and originality that make these fabrics timeless and exceptional, we welcome you to the place where ancient designs and modern protection blend and become one.